Stokes bought the eastern part of the Becker’s farm, the line between the Lowry and Blake claims at the Sauk River’s mouth in St. Cloud in Stearns County, on June 25, 1856.

He lived in the 1st District, DeKalb County, Tennessee. In 1860 the male slaves he owned were ages 38, 23, 18, 10, 6; the female slaves were ages 25, 22, 16, 4, 1.

Jim “Old Yaller” Stokes: He was Stokes’s slave until sold to Stokes’s neighbor, who owned the slave’s wife.

Kate Stokes [found by SCSU student Brenda Porter]

Nancy Stokes [found by SCSU student Brenda Porter]

Richmond Stokes: He was likely Stokes’s 38-year-old male slave listed in the 1860 slave schedule. By the 1870 census, he was 48 years old, a farmer, and the owner of a $200 personal estate.