Hyman bought $5,000 of land in Stillwater on July 20, 1857.

He lived in Richmond, Virginia. In 1860 he held one male slave, aged 40, and one female slave, aged 25.

Henry Lewis, a.k.a. Albert Hennison: Henry ran away from Hyman’s estate and reportedly reached Canada through the Underground Railroad [see Richmond Daily Dispatch, 31 March 1856, 1.]. “30 DOLLARS REWARD–Ran away from the subscriber, on the 7th inst., a negro man named HENRY. He is about 38 years old, of a dark brown color, medium size and height. The said negro was hired by me from Martha Allen. I will pay the above reward of $30 for his apprehension and confinement in any jail in the State of Virginia, so that I get him again” [Ad, Richmond Dispatch, 27 March 1856, 4.].